Water Line Upgrade

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, lots of homes these days are still equipped with outdated piping systems that may actually result in damage to the house and the people inside of it in a multitude of ways. In a bare minimum, the two main plumbing you need to concentrate on are those that direct from the home line into the water meter and from the property line to the water main. The appropriate purpose of the pipes is critical to the flow of water to and from your home.

underground water pipe running in dirt away from home

You Should Consider A Water Line Upgrade

Were you aware that outdated guide pipes should be eliminated and you should get a water service update to a contemporary plumbing system so as to make sure you and your household aren’t drinking water which includes lead?

The Risks Of Drinking Water With Lead

Ingesting water lead can lead to kidney issues and higher blood pressure in adults, in addition to harm to the physical and psychological improvements in babies and kids. If your house was built before or on 1986, it’s highly probable that its pipes system employs pipes. When you reserve an appointment with a certified Aquatech Drain Repair plumber, then we confirm whether your plumbing is updated.

plumber repairing blue water pipes on dirt underground

The Advantages Of A Water Line Upgrade

Should you require a water line upgrade, do not worry! It has a succession of perks.

Nearly all older drain lines include a diameter of 1/2″ but contemporary home water use takes a bigger pipe of 3/4″ to carry out satisfactorily. In both scenarios, sediment contribute build-up could create the cavity where your water leaks to become much thinner. If you think that the house has lower than average water pressure, then this is the most probable source of your difficulty.

Aquatech Drain Repair contractors perform video inspections for this purpose. Contact us now to reserve one.

set of blue water pipes together underground laying on dirt

Make The Right Choice

If you know that your house has an older, obsolete water line lead pipe, then do what is right for you and your loved ones and get a water line upgrade. Bear in mind, health occurs first.

Contact Aquatech Drain Repair and allow one of our accredited water line contractors to upgrade a water line today!

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During the recent heavy rains my basement, dry for three years, started getting wet around the entrance to my basement and leaking under the basement door. I phoned Andrew at Aqua tech, and he came over, assessed the situation, explained the appropriate work needed to correct the problem.

It was all internal, we could break up the concrete floor in the entrance way, install weeping tile, and drainage pipe, and drain it all into a sump pump. He also installed interior waterproof membrane.

The team that executed the work, lead by Terry, was great and completed everything in one day. A warranty for the work was provided and i feel confident that if I have any further issues a quick call to Andrew will get action. All in all, a very positive experience.
-MT, Toronto ★★★★★

We had a number of leaks in our cold room, so bad that water literally ran through and down the drain whenever it rained. I called 4 companies for quotes. I was very happy with two of the companies, but in the end decided to go with Aquatech. I am very glad that I did.

Eugene provided me with three options, all of which would have worked, and I decided on one of them.

They went to work almost immediately, and completed the work twice as fast as I would have thought possible. The guys (Terry and Andrew) were very quick, neat, organized, and kept me informed every step of the way. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with them.
-Kevin, Toronto ★★★★★

It's always daunting to find a reliable company to help you understand what a big and expensive job entails and then to do it right. Our experience working with Andrew and his team was excellent.

Very responsive, patiently explained every aspect of the job and Igor, Slava and the crew were professional, courteous and completed the job with such care, as if it was their own home.

A family run business that doesn't cut corners, is honest with their customers and treats their employees well. It shows in the workmanship!
-Gabriel, Toronto ★★★★★

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