Toronto Subsidy Program For Backwater Valve And Sump Pump

As climate change continues to send inconsistent weather, a flood which causes severe damage is far more likely to happen.

Assessing taps, bathrooms and appliances using water is one method to stop in-home flooding. But, taking actions to decrease the prospect of basement flooding from flows in the base or sewage backup could save thousands of dollars if the upcoming major storm hits. Not only can your insurer thank you by potentially providing you with a rest on your insurance expenses; however, the City of Toronto is currently giving a subsidy that will assist you in installing flood avoidance systems.

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The program, Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy, supplies around $3,400 to single-family homes, duplex and triplex residential houses to prepare and protect their home from a flood. That is $3,400 per household to install a backwater valve, a sump pump or sever and cap your link to the sewer line. Individual lien amounts can vary according to different conditions.

Call Aquatech Drain Repair today, or continue reading to learn about how you can protect against flooding in your house.

Flood Hazards

Not many floods are preventable; however, there are a few basic things you can do to stop your house from the probability of flooding.

  • Running bathrooms, Granite countertops, broken washing machines, grills or some other part of equipment which uses water are potential flood hazard things. Leaving your home with one or more of these malfunctions can set your house in danger.
  • Avoid placing items which might lead to blockage down the drains. Including everything from hygiene goods and massive quantities of bathroom tissue to leftover cooking oil and dirt.
  • You need to check your house for taps which are leaking and pipes which are leaking.

If you are not sure what to search for, then contact a certified plumber to get your house inspected for possible issues. Delaying repair and utilizing a temporary solution might wind up costing you far more income than repairing it straight away.

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Basement Flood Prevention

You may discover water from your basement after a rainstorm or in the spring when snow is melting. However, taking into consideration the frequency of flooding in the City of Toronto within the past few years, more acute basement flooding is a danger of all homeowners.

Following are some things you can do to the exterior and interior of your house to reduce basement flooding.


  • Regularly wash your eavestroughs and downspouts of built-up debris so they can transfer rainwater from home.
  • In case you can get it done without causing harm to your neighbours’ house, disconnect downspouts from the sewer system and also guarantee they’re draining 2 meters out of your house’s foundation.
  • Make sure that any water drains away from your house’s base and fix the grading where essential.
  • Plants and shrubs absorb water – the more you have around your house, more rain is collected.
  • Assist rainwater and melting down snow storm sewers by clearing debris which may be preventing drainage.


  • Hire a certified Toronto plumber to check and inspect your home for possible cellar flooding dangers.
  • Assess the status of weeping tiles and fix or replace where required.
  • Repair any condition issues on the base of your residence.
  • Keep your sump pump and be sure electricity outages will not affect its performance.
  • Make the most of the Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program and also have a backwater valve set up, get a sump pump or alter your weeping tile link.

There are three forms of work covered under the Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program.

The available subsidy for these services is 80 percent of the invoiced price to a maximum of $1,250, including the amount of installation, labour, materials, license, and taxation.

  • Installing or replacing a backwater valve
  • Installing an alarm for a backwater valve.

To get a backwater valve set up, you are likely to require a Building Permit in the City (much more on this later).

After the job is finished, the valve has to be inspected by an official City of Toronto construction inspector until you can get the subsidy.

Installing a Sump Pump

The available subsidy for these following services is 80% of a maximum of $1,750. Including the amount of installation, labour, materials, permits, and taxes.

  • Installing or replacing a sump pump
  • Installing an alarm to get a sump pump
  • Installing backup electricity for a sump pump

Such as the backwater valve, a sump pump has to be inspected by an official City of Toronto construction inspector until you can get the subsidy.

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Severing and Capping Storm Sewer or Topical Weeping Tile Link

The available subsidy for these following services is 80% of a maximum of $400. Including labour, materials, and taxation.

Disconnecting French drains (also known as weeping tiles) from the city sewer system throughout the severance and capping of the underground link

What’s A Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve prevents cellar flooding by shutting your houses’ link to the sewer lines whenever there’s a great deal of rain. This prevents any water out of the sewer line getting to your home.

As it prevents water from coming to your house, when the valve is shut, in addition, it prevents water from draining away. Meaning that if this valve is in operation, you can not use some of the things on your house connected to your pipes, like bathrooms, taps, washing machines or dishwashers.

Backwater valves are somewhat complex to set up and fix.

They also need routine maintenance and review, that ought to be accomplished by a certified professional.

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What’s A Sump Pump?

A sump pump might help prevent basement flooding by draining the water accumulated by weeping tiles from the neighbourhood of your house.

Sump pumps need to be correctly fitted to a residence and must drain into a permeable region that’s at least two meters apart from the foundation of the home.

Why Is It Important?

Severe storms which cause power outages might cause your sump pump to drop power. A battery powered backup system will permit your sump pump to keep on moving away from water from your house in the event the electricity goes out.

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How Do You Get A Building Permit?

If you’re considering installing a backwater valve, then you are likely to require a construction permit.

To get a home with a couple of dwelling units, a standalone drain license is needed prior to doing any job. You don’t need to submit any programs with your program but you do need to pay a small charge of $35.75.

It is possible to stop by any Toronto Building Client Service counter to file your application together with some Consent Form, and that we will discuss next.

You may use yourself, or if you’re working with Aquatech Drain Repair, we’ll look after the paperwork for your benefit.

What’s A Consent To Input form?

A Consent To Input Form provides consent to the City of Toronto Building team to go inside your home for the express purpose of scrutinizing your installment (s). This may be submitted together with your program, by email or in person.

They’ll confirm that backwater valve or sump pump exist and also have been set up by the requirements and terms of this Subsidy Program. They might also take photos, video and other electronic images for the same function.

This makes sure that the devices are set up by the manufacturer’s directions and reduces the possibility of not fulfilling the subsidy eligibility conditions.

Following are a few ideas on finding the proper professional.

Obtaining A Quotation

The more quotes you’ve got, the more understanding you are equipping yourself with. In the minimum, you ought to have at least two quotations.

Remember that over the telephone quotes are often incomplete and wrong. When the plumber finds that the occupation, you are most likely to get a completely different quotation (generally more than what you had been told).

In the long term, it is far better to acquire a quote by a builder that will do free on place quotes to find out the actual price up front.

References are a significant part of selecting your service provider. A footnote provides you information on the job they’ve done so you can trust you are obtaining a professional whose support is trustworthy.

Short of asking for references, start looking for businesses which have won awards for excellent support. You can find a reasonably good idea about a business dependent on the awards they have won.

Excellent reviews may also indicate which contractors or companies are worth calling for a quotation. Studies are all instrumental in assisting you to make your final choice.

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Licensed Contractors

To be qualified for the Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program, you need to employ a builder who holds a valid City of Toronto business permit. In case it ends up that they do not possess a valid license, you won’t get funding for the job that’s been completed.

Before work starts, or before you hire them, confirm that your builder has a valid City of Toronto company license. Where can you find that type of information? By utilizing the Business Licence Lookup search page.

Which Kind of Contractor Can Function Which Sort of Work?

If you are installing a backwater valve or pump yourself, begin at Step 1 (below). If you’re working with Aquatech Drain Repair, you can avoid the bother of time-consuming paperwork.

The Entire Process

  1. Submit an Application for a Building Permit with an Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish and join a Consent To Input Form.
  2. Get your license from a Client Service Counter.
  3. Hire a certified professional to put in your backwater valve and/or sump pump.
  4. Once the installation is done, ask for a review in the City of Toronto Building staff. The inspector has to have the ability to affirm that the installation meets the demands of this Subsidy Program, thus don’t enclose or pay it until after the review.
  5. Fill a Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program application form after a successful review.
  6. Enclose with the program the bill (s), marked as “paid in full.” An itemized cost breakdown of work has to be included on the invoice together with any statements by a subcontractor.
  7. Your program will be assessed to confirm your eligibility. Denials will be advised by mail, but if you take all of the ideal measures and the proper steps in hiring, you will get your subsidy.

Phone A Professional Today

Once the basement flood has happened, you are probably going to spend a lot to repair the issue.

That is not a risk you need to take in a town that has been plagued with heavy rainstorms and flooding throughout the past few years.

Preventing basement flooding might look to be a daunting and costly task; however, with the ideal professionals and also the access to this Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program, it is more than just manageable.

Contact Aquatech Drain Repair today.

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