Sewer Back-Up Toronto

Usually, sewer back-ups happen after heavy rain or flooding. The surplus water caused by the flood or rain finally induces sewage back-up to leak back out the town sewer lines. This sewer back-up subsequently causes a horrible smell in your home since it moves through your drainage pipes.

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What Else Causes Sewer Back-Up?

Tree roots, drain corrosions, and improper use of paper or grease goods are other frequent culprits. Although sewer copies usually occur in the cellar, surplus sewage may also come to your bathroom, sink, tub or shower. To put it differently, anything linked to a draining process is fair game for an unfortunate sewer back-up dilemma.

Sewer Back-Up Cleaning Services

Sewer back-ups are not anticipated. And if they occur, the odour isn’t merely putrid; it is very unhealthy — both for you and your home. Because a sewer back-up can happen any time of night or day, and since Aquatech Drain Repair knows the urgency of this circumstance, we make ourselves accessible 24/7. That is appropriate. Around the clock, we’re in the disposal. We could be at your doorstep to present a comprehensive, professional sewer back-up cleaning service which can fix the problem before you know it.

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Even only by living in the house each day, it is natural for build-ups to happen as the years go by. These build-ups may incorporate toilet, grease, food particles and other little waste things that always get flushed or pushed down the drains of your sinks, bathtubs, showers and bathrooms. Because of this, it is quite reasonable for homeowners to like to seek the services of a sewer back-up cleaning company to clean out the waste.

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Aquatech Drain Repair cleans your drains and also makes sure any sewer back-up flows out the appropriate drains away from the property. In circumstances where your sewer lines have been slowed, backed up or blocked entirely, we do a strong and skilled kind of cleaning service known as hydro-jetting. Utilizing specialized high-pressure water gear, hydro jetting clears blockages and blasts off stoppages in your drains, delivering smaller, broken down bits out towards the increased waste management method.

If you’re experiencing a sewer back-up, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced drain repair contractors in Toronto at Aquatech Drain Repair today.