Backwater Valve Plumbers in Toronto

Sewer backflow is a problem; we experience the most torrential rainfall during the warmer months, which can cause the sewer system to back up through drains of homes and property. The result is a flooded basement; thankfully the City of Toronto provides flood prevention rebates of up to $3,200 to help in the cost of installing devices which includes a backwater valve Toronto residents can depend on.

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The most effective method to prevent sewer backflow is a simple device called a backwater valve.

Installation of this valve prevents water from traveling back into your home as it’s a one-way valve.

It is bylaw now that homes have a backwater valve installation while being built, but the majority of old houses are still at risk of basement flooding via sewer backflow which can be a very costly and traumatic experience.

Especially in bad weather, it’s not uncommon for water damage to be over $20,000+ – protecting your home is always a great idea when compared with the potential cost, loss of personal belongings, and inconvenience of basement flooding.

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Does My Home Require Backwater Valve Plumbers?

Based on how flooding prone your house is you might already know whether you call for a backwater valve.

One simple method to tell if you need backwater valve plumbers would be to think about your place to the local sewer system which services your house and surrounding properties. Imagine there’s a road on a slow hill, you will find three homes on this road and also the sanitary sewer drain can be found on the peak of the hill.

Under those conditions, a valve will have to be installed to make sure that there’s no basements flooding. Furthermore, there are cases where there doesn’t seem to be any particular cause for concern, but if it rains, the sewage system backs up to people’s houses. In such cases, backwater valve plumbers may also be helpful.

If you’re going through basement flood but are not sure of the particular case, we also have basement waterproofing contractors with solutions.

Can Backwater Valve Plumbers Help In Claiming The City Of Toronto Backwater Valve Rebate?

Yes. As fully licensed, and certified, we’re qualified to assist you in the backwater valve rebate. We’ve installed several backwater valves in Toronto and completely document the procedure that will help you reevaluate your flooding prevention rebate case.

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How Does The Backwater Valve Operate?

The backwater valve was an innovation developed by a plumbing contractor in the City of Edmonton to assist in sewer backup prevention. Normally, pipes would have to set up check valves on each the sewer branch lines in the house. This means the kitchen drain, the toilet drain, the laundry room drains all had to get their very own backflow protection. The most significant problem which was noted with every line using its check valve was that these valves were all around the area, behind walls, under floors out of sight and difficult to access. Not only was an annoyance to keep these valves, but through drain cleaning solutions, the test valve might easily be ruined from the drain snake. Additionally, it would be quite tough to tell whether the check valve was damaged, it might only be evident when made apparent with a flood issue.

The actual innovation of this valve is that it stays open while at its usual place. Nonetheless, in the case of sewer backflow, the valve shuts, restrict the accessibility of the backflow and preventing basement flooding from happening. With sooner closed valves that this was not possible, this is the reason why plumbers install a backwater valve Toronto citizens expect their basements with.

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What’s The Difference Between Backwater Valve And Backflow Preventer?

People tend to be curious about what the difference is between both of these devices. They seem similar enough that the confusion isn’t unfounded. Let’s clear this up; a backwater valve is a system that is installed on your sewer drain to stop the backup of sewer water back in the drain tube, which might otherwise be flooding your basement or where the drain pipe joins.

A backflow preventer, on the other hand, would be to prevent the backflow of fresh water back to a water resource. Typically a water source line is under significant strain, and there’s not much prospect of this water backing up, but beneath high-demand or issues like a burst primary, this pressure will fall allowing for the possible backflow of contaminants to the water source. To prevent these backflow preventer devices are set up in high-risk regions to maintain the water source clean and fresh.

Aquatech Drain Repair has fully certified backwater valve plumbers, for more information about Drain repair Toronto or how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.