Residential Sewer System Backups

A backed-up sewer system surely is not a problem that you want to stay around for long! Smelly, unpleasant, and inconvenient, a residential sewer system backup is more than annoying. It can be a major hassle as well as an issue that affects your life and your schedule. In many cases, intruding tree roots would be the reason for difficulties with sewage methods. Our plumbing specialists at Aquatech Drain Repair can resolve the matter efficiently for your convenience. We’ll provide you with an accurate quote on-site, and answer any questions before starting so that you understand what the job involves.

water running from faucet down into gray clogged sink

Can My Residential Sewer System Back-Up?

You may notice the following in case your sewer system is backed up:

  • Foul odour in your yard or the basement of your house
  • Sewage reemerging into your toilet or bathtub
  • Shower/bath draining lightly or not draining
  • The gurgling sounds coming out of your toilet
  • Empty bathroom without water in the bowl
plumber with red wrench fixing pipe under a kitchen sink

Septic system copies may have other symptoms in addition to those listed previously, for example:

  • Wastewater leaking onto the floor near your septic system
  • Foul odours during your home
  • Algae/weeds growing in a pond near your house
  • Multiple drains shedding water slowly
  • Uncommonly green grass growing over your septic system
  • Raw sewage leaking back into drains
  • Contaminated water system; have your water analyzed to see if bacteria are present from a leaking septic system

If you notice any of these symptoms mentioned above, you should undoubtedly get in touch with your local plumber whenever possible. Our staff here at Aquatech Drain Repair can schedule an appointment for you any time of the night or day, call 416-454-7575.

blue water running smoothly into basin drain close up