Drain Descaling

before and after of pipe that has been descaled of residue

Drain descaling also referred to as pipe descaling, is the procedure for taking away the build-up of scales caused by ageing cast-iron sewer lines. Over time flakes from the cast iron may break off into the sewer line. The broken pieces eventually accumulate over time and lead to an obstruction in the line and snag any products that have been flushed down to your sewer. The more it builds up, the higher the risk of your drains becoming clogged.

What is Cast-Iron Pipe Descaling?

Pipe descaling is a somewhat new process utilizing a specialized machine with special attachments attached to a rotating cable. This method is a whole lot safer on cast iron pipes that are in poor shape and can’t be cleaned out with hydro jetting. Together with our industrial drain descaling machine, we can scrape off the built-up rust the inner walls of the cast iron pipe, so that it could be flushed down the sewer.

About The Cast-Iron Pipe

Cast iron pipes have been a sewer line mainstay for a long time and have an average lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Over time, however, as metallic surfaces come in contact with moisture, rusting and corrosion naturally place in. Since these issues progress, the pipe is weakened and eventually has to be replaced as a result of advanced deterioration or failure.


Just like with any pipe that comes directly into contact with wastewater, the interior of cast iron pipe will rust over time. Rusting on the interior of the cast-iron tube has a two-fold effect which reduces the flow of the sewage line. To begin with, rust on the inside of the pipe constricts the interior diameter of the pipe since it builds up. Second, this rust makes a rough surface which slows down the pace at which wastewater can flow across the surface.


Over time, wastewater flow will etch a station at the base of the pipe. If left untreated will erode throughout the pipe, weaken the pipe structure, and allow for foreign material to enter the line. At the same period, wastewater can escape the pipe resulting in erosion and eventual bellies in the line that will result in a collapse of the pipe.

Descaling helps prevent future back-ups, and also, it prevents homeowners from having to replace their entire sewer lines, which might cost more to have done. Cast iron sewer pipes may last more than 50 decades, excluding factors that accelerate deterioration, but unless your house is at least 50-60 years old, it is likely that your sewer pipes are in fact in absolutely functional condition and do not need replacement.

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