Why A Clogged Drain Is A Bigger Problem Than It Seems

Why A Clogged Drain Is A Bigger Problem Than It Seems

drain repair plumber showing clear and clean kitchen sinkWhen it comes to our homes, there are certain things that we just expect to work. Something as simple as washing the dishes and draining water out of the sink, for example, becomes so ingrained in our daily lives that we take the luxury for granted.

All of that changes, of course, when issues arise. A clogged drain can be an incredible nuisance that interrupts your day in ways you might never have thought possible. Even more than mere inconvenience, however, is the fact that clogged drains can pose a health risk if the water is left standing too long.

It is important to have your clogged drain repaired as quickly as possible.

Why do drains clog?

We all know how frustrating it can be when our drains are clogged – but you do know why this happens in the first place? In general, drains are designed to flush water through the pipes and away from your home. This means that the only substance they are specifically meant to handle is water.

That’s it.
Now think about the kind of things that end up being flushed down your drain…

In the kitchen, for example, you might send food debris down the drain after eating or washing dishes. Your bathroom drain might become clogged with hair. The main idea is that clogs happen because we do attempt to use drains in ways that they are not meant to be used. Over time, that food debris or hair really builds up, and eventually stops the progress of the water altogether.

When that happens, you’ll find yourself with a drain that either moves incredibly slowly, or one that refuses to drain at all. In the latter instance, you might find yourself with standing, dirty water for days on end until you can either conduct clogged drain repair or hire someone to help fix the issue for you. Neither option is great, to be honest, because leaving standing water in your home for any significant amount of time can negatively impact your health. Instead of encouraging the growth of bacteria or other, similar issues, it is important to take care of the problem head on.

What will professionals do to help?

Clogged drain repair is a common service that professionals handle all the time. In general, someone will come out to your house to take a look at the situation and determine where the clog is located in the drain. Once they know where the clog is and have a vague idea about how it was formed, they can go about the process of clogged drain repair to help you reclaim the use of your home.

Are you in need of clogged drain repair? If so, contact a professional as quickly as possible! It is important to take care of the issue quickly in order to avoid damage to your drains or pipes.

Repair Clogged Drains

Repair Clogged Drains

Repair Clogged Drain

There are many things that we take for granted in our daily lives. Functioning plumbing is one of the most common, and many people might go through an entire day (or longer) without even sparing a single thought about how useful pipes kept in good repair affect their lives. It’s pretty usual; not many people spend time pondering the impressive maze of pipes that help keep our homes running well with a seemingly unlimited supply of fresh water. In reality, we’re fortunate to have functional pipes that work well. Not everyone is so lucky when it comes to clean drain pipes.

The use of drain pipes is so ingrained into our lives suddenly not being able to use them is a massive disruption to our daily lives.

What can we do about clogged drains?

First of all, we can take some time to try and understand from where clogs originate. How do they form and what can you do to help avoid having to repair clogged drain? First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that drain pipes have a specific design purpose in mind: to remove water from its holding contain, whether that be a sink or a tub, and wash it away throughout the drains. When we allow things that are not water to be drained, we risk clogging our drains and pipes. Things like hair or food debris, for example, both of which can easily end up in your drain without your intent.

To help prevent clogged drains, then, we can take the time to avoid doing things that lead to clogs in the first place. That means ensuring you remove any remaining food from your plates before washing them, for example, or that you’ve brushed your hair before showering to keep the amount that falls out and drains through your pipes as little as possible. Once the clog forms, however, you might be wondering how to be rid of it quickly.

How can I repair clogged drain?

Toilet Plunger vs Sink Plunger

To complete clogged drain repair, you must understand some of the basic concepts and methods behind clearing clogs. First of all, you should try using a plunger to bring the clog up from your pipes. Make sure that you’re using the right kind of plunger! People often get this confused because many of us learn that a plunger is a plunger. In reality, there are a few different types of plungers commonly encountered in daily life. A plunger for drains in sinks or the bathtub is the one with a flat round end. That flat end of the plunger seals over the drain and helps to create enough suction to pull up the offending clog.

When it comes to your toilet, however, you want to use the plunger which has a slenderer end, that looks like it could fit down into smaller spaces. That plunger is ideal for toilets because it allows you to insert the end into the bowl itself while plunging. You can also try the use of liquid drain cleaner to help aid in your repair clogged drain efforts, however, keep in mind that these items can damage your drain pipes if you are not careful.

If you need help to repair clogged drain, then you should contact a professional who understands how to get your drain pipe clean and your routine back on track!

Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes And Fixes

Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes and Fixes

Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes and Fixes

The kitchen is the heart of almost any home. That is where we spend much of our time, after all, whether we are cooking, cleaning, or even just sitting around the table with family or friends. It is an important room, in other words, and we rely on it to function the way it should.

That includes the kitchen sink! We often take this kind of plumbing and convenience for granted, but having a sink that supplies us with fresh water and then conveniently removes said water from our homes is an incredible luxury that helps our lives and daily routine remain as easy as possible. When the convenience is suddenly gone, it can throw off our game in a big way. In fact, having such a vital component of our daily lives suddenly inaccessible can affect how we feel from day to day. Unfortunately, one of the most common issues that homeowners experience is a clogged kitchen drain.

Clogged kitchen drain repair is a vital process to undergo once you’ve realized there is an issue. Not only will doing so help you feel better and get back to your daily routine, but it can also contribute to staving off any negative health issues caused by unhygienic, dirty water left standing in your sink.

What causes clogged kitchen sinks?

When it comes to clogged kitchen drains causes and fixes, sometimes it is best to avoid them altogether. It can be difficult to do that, however, especially when you are not sure what causes the problem in the first place. When it comes to drains, remember that they are designed with a particular purpose in mind: the removal of water from your kitchen sink.

Whenever anything that is not water passes through the drain, you risk a clog. From food debris, for example, or bits of paper towel. You should always clear off your plate before putting it in the kitchen sink, and ensure that no paper ware could break down and get sucked into the drain.

How are clogged kitchen sinks fixed?

Depending on the severity of the clog, anything from a plunger to a snake might be used to remove the issue. Should the clog prove to be particularly challenging, it is possible that a camera might be inserted into your drain pipe to determine exactly where the problem is occurring, and what caused it. Once that is known, it is easier to address the issue and fully clean the drain.

When your kitchen drain is clogged, do not wait for the problem to resolve itself! Clogged kitchen drains causes and fixes are commonly found, but not always easy to repair. You should be proactive and contact a professional plumber who can help you better understand the situation and possible remedies. Contact a professional today for clogged kitchen drain repair service!

Clogged Drain Snaking And What You Should Know

Clogged Drain Snaking and What You Should Know

Clogged drain snaking TorontoClogged drains can be an incredible nuisance when it comes to living your life according to your typical everyday schedule.

It is the kind of thing that we don’t notice until there is an issue severe enough to disrupt our days, and then the issue goes from “no issue” to “incredibly frustrating issue” almost immediately. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine from where the problem originates and why your usual drain cleaning methods aren’t working.

When you find yourself in this position, you might consider asking a professional drain contractors Toronto for help with a clogged drain.

What is clogged drain snaking Toronto?

To understand why it’s sometimes necessary to use a drain snake, you must first understand what, exactly, a drain snake is. When you encounter a drain that is particularly difficult to clear, it is possible that the clog is located deeply within the pipes or is tightly packed.

If this is the case, then you need something flexible that will help you penetrate pipe and break through the clog to clean it. A drain snake, which is a flexible and thing auger used to help clear clogs in pipes, is perfect for this job.

It can navigate into the tight spaces and quickly help dislodge almost any clog related issue it encounters.

When should I contact professionals about clogged drain snaking?

Before deciding that drain snaking is the way to go, you should spend some time trying to remove the clog yourself. Or, at the very least, you should be prepared for the drain contractors Toronto to try to clear the pipe without snaking it first. That means using a plunger, for example, to attempt to unclog the block and determine where in the drain the clog is located.Clogged drain plunging

If the plunger fails, you could always try a liquid drain cleanse to see if the pipe can be resolved. However, the use of this kind of product can be a bit dangerous and touch and go – if you aren’t familiar with them, make sure that you take the time to read the instructions and ensure that you understand how to use the product without damaging your pipes.

If all of your usual methods fail, then it is time to contact a professional for help in clearing your drain. This is important because you don’t want to let the clog just sit in the pipe for too long, Doing so can spell disaster for the health and well being of the pipes, and may result in costly bills.

A professional waterproofing company Toronto who has plenty of experience can help snake your drain quickly and easily and get you back on your feet and your routine back on track – don’t hesitate to call Aquatech Drain Repair for clogged drain snaking help: 416-454-7575